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Hybrid Epoxy/Urethane/Quartz System OVERVIEW For the expansion of this manufacturing company, everything in this facility need it to be superior...

Decorative micro-toppings can be installed in a variety of settings including; driveways, walkways, patios, entryways, stairs, pool decks, and interior/exterior in both commercial and residential environments.

For this pharmaceutical company, ultra-clean & operational at all times, is at the top priorities at the lab, through production, in clean rooms, packaging and everything in between.

For this franchise restaurant, polished concrete is their go-to floor finish, and how could not? Superior performance-driven concrete floor that is resilient, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly with lower lifetime.

Seamless, durable and simple to maintain floors – the perfect flooring recipe for processing environments. Our seamless floor systems provide an ultra-durable surface that outperforms other flooring options by easily tolerating thermal shock, constant moisture and bacterial attack from ingredients. Safe, sanitary and slip resistant even when wet, our seamless floor systems do their job, so you can focus on doing yours.

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