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Take a look in some of the projects that we have successfully completed. There are different solutions that we can provide for any Commercial, Industrial or Residential application.


At ONEFLOORS, we self-perform 100% of our work, we do Not subcontract our projects:

1/4" Cementitious Urethane seamless coating system, natural quartz aggregate. Moisture tolerant, thermal shock resistant, floor safety USDA, NSF, FDA, and OSHA approved. [Kitchens, food industry, meat/seafood department, wet areas]

100% Solids Epoxy seamless coating, pigmented, extremely durable, sanitary, easy to clean, stain resistant finish. Unaffected by oil, grease, gasoline, detergents, salts, hot tire. [Hangars, traffic aisles, service areas, detail areas, hospital, clean rooms]

3/16" Hybrid Epoxy/Urethane coating system, combined benefits of high moisture tolerance and thicker, self leveling, high impact resistance and ultra tough. Freshly placed concrete 5 - 7 days, urethane cement base coat, epoxy and urethane top coats. Solid color, flakes, quartz. [Pharmaceutical, clean rooms, hospitals, food industry, veterinarian] 

1/16" MMA Ultra fast drying time, decorative Mica Flakes. Methyl methacrylate 1-hour curing and operational, UV resistant, interior/exterior, USDA, FDA, NSF certified [Retail, restaurants, decorative, show rooms]

Clean Room, USDA compliant yet beautiful flooring, chemical resistant, scratch resistant, easy to clean and sanitary [Pharmaceutical, hospital, hospitality, contributes to LEED, show rooms, decorative]

1/4" MMA/Urethane Fast drying, decorative Quartz, exterior applications. Methyl methacrylate and urethane cement base, ultra tough for high traffic areas, moisture tolerance, UV resistant, aggregate Quartz blends and custom made, USDA, FDA, NSF certified [Office/apartment buildings, attraction waiting areas, service drop-off areas, walkways, stairs]

1/8" Double Broadcast Epoxy Coating, 100% solids seamless flooring system, high-built, chemical, wear and impact resistant, easy to maintain, slip resistant and durable, ideal for industrial flooring applications   [Manufacturing, loading docks, mechanical/machine shop, maintenance shop, process rooms, traffic aisles]

Polished Concrete, No Wax floor finish, hard, dust proof, reflective surface, chemical, abrasion, and stain resistant concrete. Stain & dyes, different cut & gloss levels [Retail, commercial, education, manufacturing, residential, overlay]

Commercial Kitchens, 6" sanitary cove base, degrees, crack repair, slip resistant, thermal shock, moisture tolerant,  [Kitchens, processing area, meat/seafood, food prep, bakery]

Grind & seal, restore worn concrete, high-easy to clean, great aesthetics, slip resistant texture, natural matte finish [School, office, residential, commercial, retail,]

Electro Static Dissipative ESD flooring , Tested, grounded, reliable, compliant. - 5,000 volt charge to zero, 14v BVG [commercial, industrial, manufacturing] - Dielectric, Electrical Insulation  >50,000 VDC

Decorative Quartz, Flakes, Solid/Blended colors, 100% solids, epoxy coatings, acrylics, urethanes, polyureas, a widh option of materials to met your requirements and exceed your expectations.


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