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Architectural polish concrete systems produce an extremely hardened, dust proof, reflective surface that imparts chemical, abrasion and stain resistance to concrete floors. 
Ordinary concrete floors are transformed into highly decorative, quality floor surfaces well suited for retail, commercial, institutional, residential and architectural applications.

Advantages of Polished Concrete

  • Cost-Effective maintenance.

  • Easy to keep in like-new condition.

  • Vibration-free; extremely smooth surface entails minimal vibrations.

  • Reduces forklift wear and maintenance.

  • Fireproof.

  • Enhances lighting. 

  • Naturally beautiful.

  • and more...


  • High quality safe & sustainable floors

  • Allows transmission of water vapor through the slab where high moisture levels are present without concern of coatings delamination.

  • The process would keep dust at a minimum, allowing the use of the facility during floor installation

  • Dust proofs concrete floors

  • Sustainable low-maintenance floors

  • Meets criteria for LEED Qualifying floors 

  • Variable-finish choices for project specific needs 


Despite what many might believe, a highly polished concrete floor is safer when it comes to avoiding slipping accidents than many other floors, even when wet. This means a safer and more comfortable working environment.

Per the Pendulum method EN13036-4*.

Polished Specifications

Comprehensive polished concrete system and exact written specifications that can be warrantable in the marketplace today. Training backed by the manufacturer from start to finish from diamond tools, chemicals, equipment and maintenance procedures.


  • Cut levels.

  • Gloss Levels.

  • Color Options.


Why choose ONEFLOORS as your flooring contractor?

We own all of our equipment, this means that we maintain it in optimal working ready conditions.

and more importantly, we don't inflate our pricing for rentalskeeping our bids highly competitive.

ONEFLOORS has been certified as polished concrete specialist on architectural polished concrete floor finish. Backed up by the manufacturer from top to bottom.  

We do not subcontract our work, we've been factory trained to install architectural polished concrete floor finish.

  • Bonded, licensed and insured.

  • Family owned and operated.

  • Trackable record. 

  • DIR registered.

  • Small Business Certified.

  • Actual samples on-site.

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