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Flooring System – Concrete Finishes | Micro-Topping


Decorative Micro-Topping Systems help you to transform old, stained and cracked concrete into “like new” condition while also providing a wide range of concrete finishes. A series of polymer modified cementitious coatings designed to change plain concrete into a very decorative, durable, and textured finish. Installed to the existing concrete floor without the need for doing an expensive removal of your existing concrete.

  • Decorative

  • Cost Effective

  • Fast Drying

  • Low maintenance

  • Durable

  • Skid-resistant finish

  • Applied over existing finish (no need for expensive demo work)

Decorative micro-toppings can be installed in a variety of settings including; driveways, walkways, patios, entryways, stairs, pool decks, and interior/exterior in both commercial and residential environments.


The Texture-Crete System is a series of polymer modified cementitious coating that is bonded to the substrate with a variety of finishes and sealers. The primary function is to resurface concrete that is aesthetically unattractive.

  • Concrete Flooring Primer. Many micro-toppings fail due to a poor adhesion which results in overlayment popping, bubbling or peeling under normal conditions. We decided to incorporate into our system a primer that has great adhesion to concrete while protecting from failures caused by moisture vapor emission. We don’t only use a water-based primer, but a wicking epoxy-based primer allows the resins to penetrate deep into the concrete that provides a bond so great that will withstand more than 8 lbs of MVP (regular primers only up to 3lbs) and broadcasted to rejection of silica sand to create the adequate profile for the following cement layers, so either you or myself don’t have to worry about the overlay to chip or delaminate.

  • Cement layers. Series of polymer modified cementitious coatings that can get a variety of textures, integral colors, and patterns. From based coat cement to resurface eroded substrates to smooth and textured for a harder and more resilient than most concrete.

  • Knockdown texture. Is designated to create a uniform flat textured surface that is pleasant to look at while remaining cooler than standard concrete. Bare feet only in contact with about 60% of the surface when walking on it which make it feel cooler.

  • Smooth finish. Thin decorative concrete finish over the existing floor Hard trowel finish or one that replicates the same look as a polished finish.

  • Custom. From trowel finishes to combination of colors and patterns to achieve a unique look.

  • Color and top coat sealers. Lasting protection is essential, many installations fail to select the adequate top coat sealer and fainting, and discoloration occurs in a matter of weeks. Either is an exterior or interior application, you can go from high-gloss, satin finish, UV resistant, stain and scratch resistant and ensure that your color option or the stain combination that you choose would look great over time. Polyaspartics, acrylics, epoxies, MMA, polyurea, are some of the products that we install.


Make sure installers are factory trained and manufacturer

approved contractors.


  1. Any professional installation starts with mechanical concrete grinding, this will create a strong bonding profile, so the resins penetrate deep into the substrate holding strong and preventing delamination.

  2. After exposed concrete; crack patch and repair work are addressed, cutting, reinforcing if need it and crack filling for a smooth surface.

  3. Installation of the high adhesion primer, it is usually applied at a rate of 200 – 300 square feet per gallon, roller applies while broadcast to refusal 36 grit silica sand to rejection to create a sandpaper finish, great for cement coatings.

  4. Slurry coat/grout coat, using a based coat cement we resurface the entire floor covering all imperfections, patching, and cracks, so we get a clean and smooth blanket, so we can achieve the final look on subsequent layers. Although in a good condition concrete this layer can be optional.

  5. After the base coat has hardened enough to walk on, scrape or lightly sand the surface to remove imperfections and we do any additional repair work.

Textured layer, depending on your final aesthetics, knock down, skip trowel method, patter installation or smooth finish. We use a smaller aggregate cement, so we can achieve the look that you are looking for.

  1. Color installation, solid color or a combination of stains; water, acetone or acid-based can be roller applied or sprayed at a different rate.

  2. We finish with 2 coats of the top coat sealers, so we can protect and ensure color retention over time. It is usually sprayed at a rate of 200 – 300 square feet per gallon, exterior application takes 2 – 4 hours to dry and you might walk over the floor but it needs a good 24 hours minimum to reach maximum strength for full traffic.

Textured Micro-Topping you can choose from a variety of commercial-grade floor coating systems to create the perfect look for your environment.


As a certified installer by partnered manufacturers, ONEFLOORS Concrete Coatings can successfully install a complete range of tested and proven seamless floor and wall systems, I hope that you can give us the opportunity to help you on the designing the flooring of your facility.

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