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Case Study - Hybrid Clean/Shop Epoxy Quartz

Hybrid Epoxy/Urethane/Quartz System

Urethane Cement Base & Color Quartz


For the expansion of this manufacturing company, everything in this facility need it to be superior so that production lines keep moving with the highest quality for their products and at the same time the new building also need it to represent the company’s standards, reputation and reliability. With an already bad flooring experience at the old location and having to pay over $20,000.00 only for moving equipment for repairs, the general manager new exactly what he was looking for, we were call for a second project to help in finding the most adequate solution.

With over 4,000 sq.ft. open area, some challenges were also part of the project. New trenches were pored, so 5 – 7 days old concrete need it to be consider, moisture was also one of the biggest concerns of the manager, the flooring solution need it to withstand grease and oils of the machines and at the end of the shift easy to clean, tough enough to handle the pallet jack traffic but still look great for investors and clients.


The answer? A Hybrid cementitious urethane base coat followed by 2 coats 100% solids epoxy and decorative color Quartz and top coated with an aliphatic urethane, building a high-impact resistant ¼” floor with great aesthetics.

The ability of the urethane cement based to withstand high levels of moisture made it an easy choice, eliminating having to add a moisture barrier, and additionally can be install over new concrete shortening the waiting period in comparison to traditional epoxy systems, it also provides superior bonding and thermal cycling resistance.

The 100% solids epoxy broadcast increases the impact resistance of the system in general but also creates a seamless blanket of highly decorative colored Quartz. the easy of maintenance of the epoxy makes it an ideal for the environment. To complete the floor a four-component aliphatic urethane protective coating would allow the floor to perform as expected and maintain the aesthetic over time. High chemical, scratch and abrasion resistant.


1. Shot blasting to create a minimum CSP 3 – 4, for a strong bonding to the substrate. A good concrete profile, allows the resins to adhere properly to the substrate, eliminating the risk of coating delamination. 2. The installation of the cementitious urethane requires staging to achieve a seamless transition through all the rooms. 3. To get a 1/4” cementitious urethane we need to pour the materials at a rate of 55 square feet per gallon, to ensure proper flow of material to the wet edge, two hypo mixers were used. 4. Gauge rake and loop roller to blend each batch, right after this a full broadcast of 36 grit colored sand Quartz is broadcasted to refusal, working as aggregate to the resin to build up and provide strength. 8 hours curing time. 5. Next day, remove excess of color quartz, address any miscellaneous imperfections and repairs so we can pour our next coat, 100% solids epoxy coating at an approximate rate of 75 square feet per gallon broadcast to refusal color quartz (2nd broadcast coat). 12 hours curing time. 6. After removal of excess of silica sand, final detailing, cleaning, and vacuuming, we proceed to application of a glaze coat 100% solids water-clear epoxy coating, the material is applied at 65 square feet per gallon rate, outstanding clarity for aesthetics, great texture for slip resistant and seamless for easy to keep clean. 7. To complete the system a fourth coat of an aliphatic urethane protective top coat, roller applied at a rate of 350 sq. Ft. per gallon. Formulated for high traffic areas to protect against chemicals and daily wear allowing the floor to perform as expected an at the same time maintain the great aesthetics.

Epoxy Floor Color Quartz

As a certified installer by partnered manufacturers, ONEFLOORS Concrete Coatings can successfully install a complete range of tested and proven seamless floor and wall systems, I hope that you can give us the opportunity to help you on the designing the flooring of your facility.

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