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Case Study - Food & Processing Industry


This food manufacturing company was renovating and improving the quality of their ~2,100 square feet production area. Food processing plants adhere to very strict USDA regulations and standards. Floors were one of the main focus of the project; existing eroded conditions, old failing coatings and production full speed represented a challenge for the company and the coatings contractor.

Hot cooking oil, grease, food and mineral acids, strong alkali acids, thermal cycling (hot/cold water), constant pallet jacks and long shift hours, they were in need of a flooring system that would meet these challenges.


The chosen flooring solution is a Dur-a-Flex POLYCRETE SLB, cementitious polymer urethane, the number of benefits that this application provides, outperformed any other offered by different contractors:

3/16” – 1/4" high built thickness for impact resistance and heavy traffic.

High-chemical & abrasion resistant.

High moisture tolerance up to 20 lbs/1,000sq.ft./24hour or 99% RH (regular epoxyes or polyaspartic is 3-8 lbs).

Hygienic – does not harbor bacteria.

Excellent slip resistant texture for safety.

Expands and contracts very similar to the concrete during temperature changes, making it impervious to thermal shock.


  • Grinding/shot blasting to create a minimum CSP 3 – 4, for a strong bonding to the substrate.

  • After concrete prep work, eroded areas were visible, most of these problems are upon discovery.

  • Structurally deteriorated concrete. We mechanically removed to a sound substrate and replaced with approved patching material, a 3,000 psi minimum strength.

  • An advantage of the urethane cement is that can be installed without additional curing time, even on 5 – 7 days old concrete.

  • Drain slopping, joint detailing and crack repairs.

  • 6" sanitary cove base, installation, and reinforcement of existing cove.

  • Hand troweled 3/16 minimum radius.

  • Sanitary cove base creates a seamless transition wall to floor, easy to keep clean, a bathtub kind of finish.

  • The POLYCRETE SLB was installed at a thickness of 3/16", hand troweled to reached difficult areas and around drains.

  • Working around bolted equipment.

  • A full broadcast to refusal of 36 grit silica sand aggregate, provides textured finish. We let cure until next day.

  • Installation of a POLYCRETE Color Fast, this is a 100% solids, three component, cementitious aliphatic urethane top coat.

  • We chose this performance topcoat because of the ability to work as a grout coat and preserves durability of the urethane cement, offers an aesthetic look that resists discoloration from UV exposure and fast curing.

  • 24 hrs After completion, still under curing time, no exposure to water or chemicals is recommended but equipment re-installation and light traffic are permitted.

Seamless cementitious urethane flooring systems are sanitary and very durable, it’s benefits are ideal for the industrial market. It won’t crack, split or separate from the concrete, and with no seams, transitions or grout lines, there’s nowhere for bacteria to take up residence, this low maintenance flooring is available in your choice of standard or custom colors.


As a certified installer by partnered manufacturers, ONEFLOORS Concrete Coatings can successfully install a complete range of tested and proven seamless floor and wall systems, I hope that you can give us the opportunity to help you on the designing the flooring of your facility.

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