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Case Study - Pharmaceutical Clean Room

Hybrid Epoxy/Urethane/Accelera System

Hybrid Epoxy/Urethane/Accelera System


For this pharmaceutical company, ultra-clean & operational at all times, is at the top priorities at the lab, through production, in clean rooms, packaging and everything in between. As an integral part of keeping their products and customers safe from production issues and infections, floors need it to perform adequately and have longer lifetime than other floor covering options.

"Not all sizes fit all" we needed to take in consideration some conditions and challenges for this project; densified concrete, high moisture vapor transmission (MVT), foot traffic & pallet jacks, a very aggressive cleaning agent (Spor-klenz), USDA FDA regulations.


A hybrid epoxy/urethane system; 3/16" cementitious urethane base coat – provides built-in moisture mitigation system, tolerates elevated moisture levels (it can be installed in as few as 5 days after concrete pour). Self-priming in most cases, eliminating a day in the installation process, superior bonding and thermal cycling resistance.

Followed by a 100% solids epoxy broadcast coating to provide increased impact resistant, seamless floor finish with excellent non-slip texture promoting safety.

Finished with an Accelera top coat. Accelera top coat is a specialty coating material developed specially to withstand aggressive chemicals (such as Spor-klenz in this case and more) the UV stability of this material and fast curing nature sets it apart from other most common applications.


  1. Grinding/shot blasting to create a minimum CSP 3 – 4, for a strong bonding to the substrate. A good concrete profile, allows the resins to adhere properly to the substrate, eliminating the risk of coating delamination.

  2. For the installation of the cementitious urethane requires staging to achieve a seamless transition through all the rooms.

  3. To get a 3/16" cementitious urethane we need to pour the materials at a rate of 55 square feet per gallon, to ensure proper flow of material to the wet edge, two hypo mixers were used.

  4. Gauge rake and loop roller to blend each blend, right after this a full broadcast of 36 grit silica sand is broadcasted to refusal, working as aggregates to the resin and providing strength. 8 hours curing time.

  5. Next day, remove excess of silica sand, address any miscellaneous imperfections and repairs so we can pour our next coat, 100% solids epoxy coating at an approximate rate of 100 square feet per gallon broadcasted to refusal (2nd broadcast coat). 12 hours curing time.

  6. After removal of excess of silica sand, final detailing, cleaning, and vacuuming, we proceed to application of Accelera Top Coat, the material is applied at a 65 square feet per gallon rate, the fast curing feature allows to be back on the floor after 4 hours after completion, the high gloss and UV stability provides a floor that would not only perform under harsh conditions but will also look great over time.


As a certified installer by partnered manufacturers, ONEFLOORS Concrete Coatings can successfully install a complete range of tested and proven seamless floor and wall systems, I hope that you can give us the opportunity to help you on the designing the flooring of your facility.

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